From 11th to 16th March 2019 in Belfort, France

The workshop is the first stage of the Open Access project. Through the call-out 20 emerging artists working across a variety of art forms (theatre, choreography, writing, live art, installation, digital practices etc) will be invited to spend time some time together apprehending transmedia in their performing arts practice.

Open Access proposes an adventurous and collaborative format so that the whole group and each candidate can develop a first idea.

The workshop is designed as a full-fledged workshop for these 20 artists to discover and work around issues related to forms of transmediadic live performance, an opportunity to develop artistic and cultural practices and reflect on the conditions of reception of audiences in general or specific audiences.

A  "toolkit" that allows experimentation and ideas of live performance and transmedia creation to emerge together.

At the end of this process, the organisers of the project will be looking to invite 8 artists to join the process of the entire OPEN ACCESS project.

The workshop will be accompanied by professionals coming from associated partner organisations that are close to the project co-organisers. The artists will have to collaborate with each of them again during the labs in the different countries.

We have invited mentors, researchers and referent persons to follow the process closely with the artists and all participants who are also going to be there during the workshop.

Moreover, on each step of the whole process, they will be able to provide the co-organisers, artists and participants with support in their field of expertise.

At the same time the mentorship, and the "terrain" offered by OPEN ACCESS will also present itself as an opportunity for them to research on concrete examples.

The appointed experts are specialised in transmedia, in developping new models of collective and collaborative intelligence, in creative development and in developping interactive documentation processes enabling new ways of producing knowledge.