Lab #3 - Cardiff, April 5. - 11., 2020


The Lab #3 organised by National Theatre Wales takes place in Cardiff as part of the Festival Experimentica in partnership with Chapter Arts Center and other associated partners.


Working theme

Approaching Interdisciplinarity, Pop And Fan Culture

In this lab, we will deepen the interaction of artistic disciplines and other disciplines, such as the social sciences and humanities. How can they combine in a transmedia work?

How is the relationship with theater audiences developed in a form with dance extensions, installations and so on?

Since artists come from a variety of disciplines, it will be interesting to observe the exchanges and transfers of skills that may take place within the group and how they echo scientific disciplines.

It will also be an opportunity to explore the pop and fan culture which is part of transmedia's DNA and to understand how to build audience inclusion and interest, create a community of fans. The fan culture summons various processes such as Paul Booth specifies in his book Digital Fandom: the creative fan who can be found in blogs (eg fan fiction); the gift economy, an economy of reward and gift for the fans, which promotes social relations in a digital world and amounts to connecting the production and consumption of media content on an equal level; and, new forms of identities and expressions, for example when fans reclaim characters by creating fictitious profiles on various social networks but which can also be realized from a performative point of view (in real life situations).