Lab #2 - Lisbon, November, 3 - 10, 2019


The Lab #2 organised by DuplaCena - Festival Temps d'Images Lisboa will take place in Lisbon in partnership with several associated partners, such as Ymago Editions ; National Dance Company – Victor Córdon studios ; CIEBA - Artistic Studies Research Centre, Faculty of Fine Arts Lisbon and others to come.


Working theme

Exploration Of The Multiplicity Of Spaces: Theatrical Space, Public Space And Virtual Territories

DuplaCena does not have its own space and the Festival Temps d'Images Lisboa is a highlight that unfolds in different places in Lisbon over several weeks. This theme and the explorations carried out on the spot will thus make it possible to work on a stronger connection between these spaces and to add the audience and virtual space.

In this lab, we will explore the coexistence of several spaces, particularly within a transmedia live performance work. Indeed, such a work can be deployed in several spaces simultaneously and consecutively. So how can we play with these "remote stages" through a narrative?

What are their qualities and characteristics (we can then question the notion of spaces, places, territories, geography, non-places)? And how can we link the audiences of these different spaces? In this sense, it will be necessary to question the spatial organization of the stage and the room, the public space, the space of the action and the space of listening and gaze. Moreover, if telepresence is relatively recent and related to the explosion of the Internet, this question might also test geolocalisation technologies, virtual reality and the internet but also precursory remote presence processes such as the phone or radio.