Lab #1 - Bucarest, May, 11. - 20., 2019



The Lab #1 organised by Colectiv A based in Cluj will take place in Bucarest in partnership with CINETIc - INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR RESEARCH AND EDUCATION IN INNOVATIVE CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIES and several other associated partners.


Working theme

Transmedia Storytelling: A Non-Linear And Interactive Narrative

What story would be to tell? And how do we to tell a story that is both expanded, extended in time and  located or dispersed in geographical space (the European space), and across multiple artistic disciplines and media and / or digital platforms? These are some of the questions we will explore in this lab. It will be both to ensure that participants have a first idea of ​​the story they want to tell, some key characters and a first idea of ​​the narrative structure and the universe they could develop.

Moreover, the transmedia narrative has certain characteristics such as the possibility of creating a serie (cutting of the story as in a TV series), open narrative where the public participate in the evolution of the story with the possibility of using another media or medium, the notion of "extraction and immersion" to name a few. Unlike a linear narrative on a single medium, we will ask here the question of the convergence of narrative spaces and how to connect them by a narrative or conceptual thread and a set of manifest or secret relationships that the public can alter, use and re-orientate the direction of the story.