An introduction to transmedia
the book

Since 2018, the European project Open Access has been carried by GRRRANIT Scène nationale de Belfort, along with three other European partners:
National Theater of Wales (Wales), DuplaCena (Portugal), and Colectiv A (Romania).
For the past two years, this unprecedented project has gathered strongly committed partners and artists around the discovery of transmedia during entertaining creative laboratories. Together, they developed a creation process of transmedia prototypes, which were showcased on three separate highlights.
The genesis and the comprehensive analysis of the project, as well as the scientific learning over the long journey of Open Access and other examples of how transmedia works or could work, are the subject of this multilingual publication.

ANAÏS GUILET (FR) Transmedia mentors about Open Access project

MARIANA BRANDAO (PT) Artistic director of Temps d’Images, Duplacena, Lisbon Co-organizer of Open Access

MIKI BRANISTE (RO) Director of Colectiva, Cluj-Napoca – Co-organizer of Open Access

JOANA BRAGA (PT) Researcher, architect, DINAMIA’CET Associate partner of Open Accesss

MAIRE-JULIE CATOIR-BRISSON (FR) Transmedia mentors about Open Access project

SIMON COATES (UK) Head of Creative Development National Theater Wales – Co-organizer of Open Access